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variant — Property in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.Ad
The ad variant.
version — Property in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.admodule.VpAdModule
Returns the version of the VpAdModule.
VideoplazaBootLoaderWrapper — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api
VideoplazaBootLoaderWrapper(bootloader) — Constructor in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.VideoplazaBootLoaderWrapper
VideoplazaLoader — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils
VideoplazaLoaderConfig — Dynamic class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils
The VideoplazaLoaderConfig class carries vital item information to the VideoplazaLoader.
VideoplazaLoaderConfig() — Constructor in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils.VideoplazaLoaderConfig
view — Property in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.admodule.VpAdModule
Returns the VpAdModuleView holding all graphics of the AdModule.
ViewMode — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils
visible — Property in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.admodule.VpAdModuleView
VpAdEvent — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.events
VpAdEvent(type, data, bubbles, cancelable) — Constructor in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.events.VpAdEvent
VpAdModule — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.admodule
The VpAdModule acts as a wrapper for the admodules within the Ooyala Adplayer.
VpAdModule(adModuleToWrap) — Constructor in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.admodule.VpAdModule
Creates an new VpAdModule.
VpAdModuleEventType — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.events
VpAdModuleName — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.constants
Strings representing possible AdModules within the adplayer.
VpAdModuleUpdateType — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.constants
Valid types of updates that can be passed to the update method of a VpAdModule
VpAdModuleView — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.admodule
The VpAdModuleView is a modified Sprite containing all graphics within a VpAdModule.
VpAdModuleView(wrappedView) — Constructor in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.admodule.VpAdModuleView
VpAdPlayerConfig — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils
VpAdPlayerConfig() — Constructor in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils.VpAdPlayerConfig
VpAdPlayerWrapper — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api
VpAdPlayerWrapper(adPlayerObject) — Constructor in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.VpAdPlayerWrapper
VpCommandEventType — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.events
vpDomain — Property in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils.VideoplazaLoaderConfig
VpEventType — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.events
VpFlag — Class in package se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils
vpid — Property in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils.VideoplazaLoaderConfig
vpTimeout — Static property in class se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils.VideoplazaLoader
Timeout for loading AdPlayer assets before initial ad request.
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