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se.videoplaza.kit.api Wrapper for an Ad object passed by the Adplayer.
se.videoplaza.kit.api.constants Types of insertion points.
se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils The ItemInfo class carries vital item information to the AdPlayer.
se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils The ITimeReference interface enforces a getter for a time-property.
The Ooyala plugin needs to access the current playhead time in order to display ads at specific times.
se.videoplaza.kit.api.constants The PlayerState static constants sould be used to inform the AdPlayer about the current state of the client video player.
se.videoplaza.kit.api RequestSettings contains integration specific information for the ad request.
se.videoplaza.kit.api.utils The VideoplazaLoaderConfig class carries vital item information to the VideoplazaLoader.
se.videoplaza.kit.api.admodule The VpAdModule acts as a wrapper for the admodules within the Ooyala Adplayer.
se.videoplaza.kit.api.constants Strings representing possible AdModules within the adplayer.
se.videoplaza.kit.api.constants Valid types of updates that can be passed to the update method of a VpAdModule
se.videoplaza.kit.api.admodule The VpAdModuleView is a modified Sprite containing all graphics within a VpAdModule.